Day: January 22, 2021

The Mental Health Crisis: A silent side effect of the pandemic

Tweet The effects of Covid-19 has given way to a much larger, more silent crisis.  The subsequent restrictions and lockdowns put in place in response to the pandemic have had serve adverse implications on the public’s mental health.  With many people finding it difficult to stay positive as the UK […]

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Where Now For Young People’s Mental Health?

Tweet Britain’s young people are suffering from widespread loneliness and mental health issues, while funding for their services have been cut. Homelessness in young people is also on the rise. So, what support is available for young people, and where can they find it?

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Every Carrot Counts in the War on Waste

Tweet Throughout the UK, the most vulnerable in society are struggling to cope with the demands of the pandemic. Rising numbers at food banks means that it is becoming more important than ever to ensure we limit our waste. And it’s not only food that’s causing issues. millions of people […]

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Is Shopping Local the Future for the Food Industry?

Tweet Long queues, empty shelves and limits on tinned goods. Entering a third lockdown brings understandable concerns, and unwanted memories, of food shortages from the first time around. Couple this with rumours of potential delays on the EU border, could now be the time to re-think how you shop? I […]

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