YouTube’s Handyman

From working with YouTube celebrities to personal Instagram stardom, this is the story of Rob Hand who is on the cusp of internet success. 

Rob Hand is an infographic designer for SnackMedia by day but is developing into a different creative beast by night. Hand has been practicing with Photoshop for over ten years and realised his potential from an early age.

“In school, they didn’t have graphic design classes so I was never really taught how to do it, so everything I did learn was self-taught from YouTube.”

Rob spent nearly ten hours on his most recent Avengers: Endgame graphic

He added: “At college, I always felt I was exceeding more than what the teachers were teaching us. From that point, I just kept doing more graphics at home and trying to improve my own work.”

Within the summer of 2017, Rob launched his Instagram page by the name of ‘robhanddesign’, which currently boasts just over 1,500 followers. Now possessing a platform portraying his greatest work, some of the biggest names in YouTube have taken interest.

Creators such as Logan Paul, True Geordie and Konstantin have all taken notice of the rising prodigy by supporting his Instagram account.

Rob has now created two album covers for KSI and Viddal Riley, who share 20 million subscribers between them. 

Riley, who is also a professional boxer signed to Mayweather Promotions, released his debut album ‘RIL’ in September of 2018. Hand described attending the launch party as ‘surreal’. 

Viddal Riley and Rob at the ‘RIL’ launch party

Following his work with Riley, goliath YouTuber KSI, and supporting artist Randolph, took an interest in his abilities as he created the album cover for their new single ‘Red Alert’. 

Regarding his next steps, whether it be for SnackMedia or in YouTube, Hand revealed:

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