What’s Next For Khabib and McGregor?

By Harry Shone

Last month, Conor McGregor lost his lightweight title to Khabib Nurmagomedov after one of the most dramatic UFC events to date. Yet surprisingly, the fight itself was one of the least shocking events of the night.

After Herb Dean ripped Khabib off McGregor, Khabib jumped straight out of the octagon, directly into the McGregor entourage, throwing punches at over 20 of McGregor’s training team. Whilst Khabib was brawling out of the octagon, McGregor was back up on his feet throwing punches at Khabib’s team. Both fighters are facing suspensions and possible bans. We analysed the potential paths for both men after the fallout from this match.

What’s next for Khabib

* Khabib is upset over suspension talk from the UFC, has talked up the idea of leaving the organisation for rivals Bellator, or even returning to Russia to continue his fighting career. He’s also mentioned that the WWE have offered him a contract, but this would most probably not be a realistic option.

* For most fans the ideal return fight would be against Tony Ferguson. The Hawaiian native was scheduled to fight Khabib before injury ruled him out, and most feel he deserves a shot after recently beating Anthony Pettis on the UFC 229 undercard.

* Khabib called out the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, but to most this fight seems unlikely. However, with Mayweather, you never know…

What’s next for McGregor

Controversy seems to follow the Irishman so talks for his next fight are on hold while the Nevada State Athletic Commission decides over his suspension. We decided to look at the possible fights in line for the two-weight champion:

* The Diaz 3 fight is one that many casuals would like to see, and to settle the score after being level at 1-1, possibly for the rumoured new 165lbs belt.

* After being called out by the Scouse star on Instagram, a clash between Darren Till and McGregor would surely attract a lot of attention.


* Rumours of the Georges St-Pierre dropping weight to set up a fight with McGregor have been around ever since his fight with Michael Bisping. There also seems to be a bigger picture with these rumoured fights in that they are all fights of high magnitude that would maybe attract big viewing figures, but for the MMA faithful many of these matchups would not be so ideal.

And finally, rematch?

Many loyal fans of both fighters would like to see a rematch, with McGregor himself even claiming that he hopes this would be the case as he has identified his mistakes from the fight. However, with Khabib still in dispute with the UFC’s hierarchy a fight anytime soon between the pair would appear to be unlikely and there are many other paths for the current lightweight champion to explore if and when he does return.

Edited by Jessica Watkins 

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