Which gadget will dominate 2019?

In 2018 we witnessed the rise of virtual reality, smart watches continued to grow and we even started to ask Amazon’s Alexa to turn on the lights.

Now as the new year has begun, we take a look into what gadgets will be the most talked about for the year.

Perhaps, one of the most interesting gadgets possibly coming this year will be a treadmill which you can use to power your own home. This remarkable gadget comes from the manufactures SportsArt, who claim that the treadmills can generate up to two-hundred watts of power. However, you would have to be running at a phenomenal speed to generate such power, so even though this may be a unique gadget, it may not become that much of  a game changer.

  This isn’t what the power treadmill will look like, but it certainly will be a unique creation when it arrives.

As usual televisions will no doubt be one of the key talking points in terms of what could dominate the gadget market this year. 4K TV’s have been incredibly successful especially for Samsung and LG, but they will soon become a thing of the past when 8K TV’s arrive later in the year.

Sony have announced plans to bring in the sound-from picture-reality system which will reproduce the position of the sound of the screen. This means that when you’re watching TV, the sound will be coming from the actors mouths, and not from the TV’s speakers.

And lastly, going to the bathroom may become more of a pleasure when you use a Smart Toilet. These advanced toilets will come with the same technology that Amazon use for the Alexa. This means that when your using the toilet you could get it to play you music, flush on-demand and even order you a dominos.

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