Wanted… Female football fans!

By Callum Ferguson

Featured image credit: Ragnhild Lund Ansnes

Author of two official Liverpool Football Club books, Ragnhild Lund Ansnes believes that progress needs to be continued in the journalist industry for females.

1 minute clip an interview with Ranghild Lund Ansnes

Speaking to Ansnes, she wants the industry to embrace the differences that males and females have and believes that this would be beneficial for the industry and fans of the sport.

“I think it’s important to have both female and male pundits because we bring different perspectives to the game because we are different and its good that we are different, we’re supposed to be different,” she said.

Ansnes continued, “The TV studios need to introduce more girls into the studios because everyone is so alike. It’s all ex-players between 30 and 50, in their suits, saying more or less the same things.” 

“I think it’s been refreshing with female pundits in the studios and behind the microphones and in the newspapers,” she said. 

Ragnhild interviewing former Liverpool goalkeeper Ray Clemence at Hotel Tia. (Image credit: Tony Woolliscroft)

In 2010, Ansnes became the first female writer of an official Premier League club book and has since written more, and also ghost wrote Bruce Grobbelaar’s autobiography. 

“The feedback I’ve been getting with my books is that it is refreshing to have a different angle in football because I am interested in the human aspect of football and how people and personalities get shaped in football. My readers love it but my fellow pundits haven’t really thought of football in that way because they are really into the stats,” Ansnes said.

Ansnes also believes that the industry is starting to allow more females in due to the successes of women’s football.

“Female football is blossoming as well in terms of more girls playing it, watching it and having their opinion on it as well. The younger generation haven’t grown up in a time where it was such a rough environment in England, with hooliganism and everything else,” Ansnes stated. 

“Kids growing up now haven’t grown up under that so they get a fresh start with football and feel as though they can be apart of it,” she continued.

She also thinks that now Premier League clubs are advertising using females, this too is helping to get more women into the football industry. 

“Clubs are more enlightened as well in terms of their branding. They put the female teams into the mix when they shoot their ads for merch and they use little girls for advertising too, which helps to visualise girls in football,” she said.

The Livergirls International campaign was launched this year. (Image credit: Tony Woolliscroft)

Six years ago, Ansnes started the campaign Livergirls, which organises trips to Liverpool just for females. This was first started in Norway and in March this year became an international campaign.

The campaign was rebranded and launched on International Women’s Day and has gained a lot of traction.

An infographic of Ranghild Lund Ansnes’ career

Two years ago, Ansnes became the marketing director of pub, Hotel Tia. The hotel-come-bar is located on Anfield Road and is a hub for fans both pre and post-games. Ansnes also started her own podcast this year, called the Hotel Tia podcast, which features: Jamie Webster, James Pearce and David Fairclough.

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