VAR room empty in Real Madrid game

By Frankie Levin

There was plenty of controversy in Real Madrid’s 4-1 win at Real Valladolid yesterday, but no one was to be seen in the VAR room.

Sergi Guardiola had two first-half goals disallowed for the home side after referring to VAR, but no one was there to refer to for his first goal.

You can watch the moment this happened here

When the cameras panned to show the VAR room on the big screen, not a single official was in sight.

But was there good reason for this? According to The Mirror, the footage displayed was a room from an earlier game and not that of what was actually happening.

In a game that saw two disallowed goals, a red card and a missed penalty, it is crucial that these types of errors are eradicated from the game to prevent further confusion for fans.

Sub-edited by Tom Kelly

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