University students and staff voice opinions on Eastbourne’s sporting facilities

Eastbourne campus is home to almost 3000 students, studying at the School of Sport and Service Management.

It prides itself in being the sporting campus of the University of Brighton, however recently students have talked about a lack of sporting facilities, in comparison with the Falmer campus.

Many have expressed their concerns about the campus and how it does not allow them to fully develop as athletes in their sport teams and suggested that the school should be moved to Falmer where they could access everything they need, without having to travel multiple times a week.

Sport Brighton in Falmer – the University has invested £9 million on developing sporting facilities

Weston Maybank, current student at Eastbourne campus, believes that he would benefit from relocating to Falmer as it would improve his experience and accessibility to better facilities for his sport.

Rebecca Forrest, another student from Eastbourne, thinks that Falmer offers superior gym facilities and a wider range of opportunities for her team to succeed.  

Eastbourne students believe that as they are a part of the School of Sport and Service Management, they should have higher quality facilities to mirror the current state of Falmer.

Sport Brighton employees defended the campus and claim that there is nothing noticeably wrong with Eastbourne facilities, that makes it worse than other any University of Brighton campus.

Football pitch in Eastbourne – used not only by football team

Camille Redfern says that the University has recently invested a lot of money into a brand-new gym, offering students everything they need while saying there is no need to make any changes and relocate the school anywhere else.

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