Uni students speak out about campus closure

In March 2016, the University of Brighton spoke about planning to close the Hastings campus.

Students were outraged by this and organised protests to try and get the university to change their mind.

The “Hands off Hastings” campaign was set up in retaliation to the planned closure. However, the campaign failed and later on that year, it was confirmed that the University would be closing down the campus.

Canteen area left unused – Signs of things to come next year?

From next year there will only be the third years left on campus.

Luke Amaya-Torres, a current student at the University of Brighton believed that with only one year group left on campus, the third years’ experience will be ruined because of there being less people around.

The announcement of the closure left students with a tough choice. Some decided to leave the university as they were worried about how the campus closing would affect their experience.

Charlie Bradley, an ex-student at the University of Brighton, expressed the concerns he had at the end of his first year when the decision to close the campus was finalised.

He believed that the campus closing was the biggest reason for him leaving, and spoke about fearing for his education because of this.

A university centre opened in September 2017, with the main campus set to close in the summer of 2019.

However, the University has already started closing buildings. When students returned at the beginning of the year, they found out that one of the campus buildings, Lacuna Place, had been closed. The building has yet to be reopened and has been sat gathering dust all year.

Lacuna Place was closed by the Uni at the end of last year – It remains unused.

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