“TV presenters like Naga Munchetty have a right to their opinions”

The BBC provoked controversy and confusion when it censured breakfast TV presenter Naga Munchetty for comments made following US President Donald Trump’s tweets, which stated that a group of Democrat congresswomen ‘should “go back” to the countries they came from.

Should journalists give their opinions as well as the facts?

Anna Pasztor, 20, a first-year midwifery student from Hastings, said: “I think as a professional she has an obligation to stay professional when it comes to these things, but it is hard and she’s a woman of colour. She should have the rights, but she should stay professional.

“As long as it’s not radical or strongly emotional, they can express their opinion with an open mind and it’s OK.”

John Little, 50, a financial adviser from Eastbourne, said: “I think journalists to express their opinions is a good thing, right?

“Well they shouldn’t tell lies and they shouldn’t get away with lies either, but they should be allowed to express their opinions in a measured manner.”

Sandra Johnson, 70, a part-time carer from Eastbourne, said: “No, I think news people shouldn’t give their opinions, they should just report the news.

“If that was her opinion, she should have kept it to herself. They say too many things that are actually their opinion and their take on things, so I think they go too far.”

Rochelle Roberts, 33, a foster carer from Eastbourne, said: “I think if everyone else is allowed to express their opinions journalists should just be the same. They have to remain impartial, but they should be personal to each person who’s reporting on certain issues “

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