Tuesday’s five biggest NBA talking points

By Jacob Panons

The Toronto Raptors and the Denver Nuggets continue to impress while the Cleveland Cavaliers suffer yet another defeat since Lebron James’ exit.

The Denver Nuggets aren’t slowing down.
The Nuggets beat the Boston Celtics 115-107 as the Colorado franchise boast a 9-1 record.

The Nuggets currently sit second in the Western Conference behind last year’s champion the Golden State Warriors. So far this season Denver have beaten the likes of the Warriors, the New Orleans Pelicans, and now the Celtics.

With Denver beating some of the toughest teams in the league they must be considered a dark horse being placed so high in a strong Western Conference.

The Warriors have to be considered the favorites for the conference title but with the Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Pelicans all struggling this season the Nuggets have emerged as Golden State’s biggest threat.

Jamal Murray gets a new career high 48 points.
A major factor for the Nuggets success so far this season is down to Murray who got a career-high point tally of 48 last night against the Celtics.

Murray boasted a field goal percentage of 63%. Along with his 48 points, the guard also recorded five rebounds and four assists.

The Nuggets will be hoping Murray can continue this form as the guard currently averages 18.9 points a game this season and as previously mentioned is helping the franchise dream of not only their first playoff appearance since 2013 but possible a first conference title.

Murray has been a key part of the Nuggets since the Canadian was drafted to the franchise back in 2016, playing all 82 games in his first season and 81 games last season.

Zach LaVine also gets a new career high 41 points.
Murray was accompanied by LaVine who also managed to grab a career-high point total of 41 as the Chicago Bulls beat the New York Knicks 116-115.

LaVine had a field goal percentage of 52% and also clutched four rebounds and provided four assists throughout the match.

The guard hit the game winning shot to gift the Bulls only their third win of the season.

This season LaVine is averaging his highest ever points per game with 27.9. A phenomenal stat to give a glimmer of hope to Bulls fans who endured a 13th place finish in the Eastern Conference last season. Their worst in 14 years.

The Raptors don’t need Kawhi to win
Along with the Nuggets the Toronto Raptors are another franchise turning heads and they have proved that they are not reliant on Kawhi Leonard.

The Raptors are currently first in the Eastern Conference following their 124-111 win over the Utah Jazz and are 10-1.

There was a lot of debate over which franchise would thrive in the East following the departure of James from the Cavs, and the Raptors along with the Milwaukee Bucks have asserted themselves as the sides to fear even without the presence of Leonard.

The Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers were the names on everyone’s lips but both franchises have not got off to the flying start they had hoped for.

Oklahoma holds their breath over Westbrook injury scare
Another talking point from the last round of games was the injury to 2016-2017 MVP Russell Westbrook as the Thunder beat the Pelicans 122-116.

In the third period, Westbrook rolled his left ankle after landing awkwardly on Anthony Davis’ foot.

He was seen rolling on the floor in pain before hobbling off the court with some assistance.

This injury comes off the back of Westbrook missing the first two games of this season due to an inflammation in his right knee.

It is not yet known how serious the injury is and if he will be available for their next game against the Cavs.

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