Top influential people who have worked to protect our planet

We all do our bit to protect the earth by recycling, driving less or switching off the heating when we leave the house, but some go above and beyond and their passion shows from the amount of time and effort they put into getting people educated and involved in sustainability.

Noel Lynch, prominent member within the Green Party and former London Assembly member expresses that Dr Paul Ehrlich, Sir David Attenborough and Rachel Carson make it on his list of the top inspirational activists.

In the late 1960’s, Ehrlich published a book named The Population Bomb which talked about overpopulation. He then published a 12-page article in September 1970 which featured in Playboy Magazine, voicing his concern about environmental degradation. “It was from this that four people in the north of England read and later formed a political party called People that became the Environmental Party, which was a descendant of the Green Party”, states Lynch.

Marine biologist Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in September 1962. It documents the adverse environmental impacts caused by the unmethodical use of pesticides. “It was really the first of its kind to bring up the subject of environmental problems”, expresses Lynch.

Attenborough comes 3rd in line, “With his popularity and following, people are listening and consciously making changes. We have less and less time, we managed to solve the hole in the o-zone layer, so it shows that things can be done when people get together”, Lynch adds.

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