Thirty30 tennis – Changing the game

Want to get more youngsters on the tennis court? Introduce Thirty30 tennis, a new concept invented by tennis enthusiast, Mark Milne.

Thirty30 is a format designed to speed up tennis matches. With the current scoring system, matches can drag on for hours and Milne believes change is needed. Thirty30 is the tennis equivalent of cricket’s Twenty20 which has grown in popularity in recent years due to its fast paced nature.

Thirty30 would mean that instead of games starting at 0-0, every game would begin at 30-30 hence the name Thirty30. If a set reaches six games all, a shorter tiebreak would be played as the first player to win five points would win the tiebreak with there being sudden deaf a 4-4.

During a set, players would change ends initially after the first two games before changing ends after every four games.

Sets are expected to last no longer than 20 minutes resulting in a best-of-three sets match taking approximately 60 minutes and a best-of-five lasting 90 minutes.

While Thirty30 is targeted at younger individuals, it is applicable for all age groups and all levels of play.

Many have praised Milne’s idea. Professional tennis player on the ITF circuit, Lance-Pierre Du Toit wrote: “I think Thirty30 could be a cool idea to pitch to tournaments with Pre Qualifier events. Maybe even to the ITF when they have to shorten matches to get them in due to rain delays and other times.”  

Milne is planning to re-apply to the ITF to get Thirty30 accepted for trials this year.

Talent Manager of Tennis Australia wrote: “Sounds like a great concept. I have used similar scoring at times in practice – so that players arrive at the critical ‘pressure points’ more quickly and frequently. But I hadn’t considered this format for competitions  – would be quite exciting!”

All in all, quicker matches leads to more matches, more opponents and consequently greater competition.

Visit the Thirty30 website here

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