Shop smart, shop sustainably

Zero Waste Eastbourne, a plastic-free store in Eastbourne’s town centre sets the standards for guilt-free shopping. It was founded by Abigail and Andy Tyrrelle who use supplier goods that ship using sustainable packaging such as fabric sacks or paper. They buy from local businesses to reduce the negative impact travel miles has on the environment; this is the term used to demonstrate how long something must travel to reach you. The less petrol used for land vehicles or kerosene used for running planes- the better.

The store, located on South Street- is stocked with dry foods such as their delicious dark chocolate covered brazil nuts; rice; pasta and different varieties of beans. The concept of bringing along your own containers isn’t a new one and the founders are trying to go back to the old days where shoppers brought their own bags and jars. Customers are also encouraged to take their unwanted, clean jars to staff so that they can be reused.

Zero Waste Eastbourne opened last year and is the first of its kind in the area, you can follow their Facebook page to see their latest posts on what they have in stock: You can expect to find bathroom and household products like bamboo toothbrushes, washing up liquid and hand soap that are ethically sourced. Buying from small businesses as a collective community will force large supermarkets to reconsider their packaging choices and will have a knock-on effect on other major British delis.  

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