The Vamps ‘Night and Day’ Tour 2018 – London

Gemma Rootes reports as British band The Vamps bring their ‘Night and Day’ UK and Ireland tour to the 02 Arena, London.

With millions of fans, four albums and a number one album that knocked Ed Sheeran off the top spot, the band who made ‘Staying Up’ the anthem of summer 2017 performed at the 02 Arena as part of their ‘Night and Day’ tour.

They had four support acts to warm the crowd up before they burst on the stage; New British band :PM, HRVY, New Hope Club and American singer Jacob Sartorius wowed the crowds with energetic performances and great vocals.

After a short interval the lights dimmed again and the crowd erupted into screams. It all began with a drum solo from drummer Tristan Evans, then bassist Connor Ball, lead vocals Brad Simpson and lead guitarist James Mcvey appeared on a lift in the stage. They started off with one of their own tracks ‘Staying up’.

Following on from that, Brad started playing one of the older songs from their second album, ‘Wake Up’, on the piano. By the chorus the guitars and drums kicked in and gave the song its original upbeat and lively feel. The crowd started singing and dancing along.

The set progressed with The Vamps performing a mix of old and new tracks. They performed ‘Shades on’ and ‘Middle of the Night’ from their recent album ‘Night and Day: Night edition’ with a few of their older songs such as ‘Can We Dance’. They also performed songs from their up and coming album ‘Night and Day: Day Edition’, ‘Just My Type’ and ‘Personal’.

During ‘Personal’ American singer Maggie Lindemann joined the band to help perform the song in which she originally featured for the album. She also performed one of her own songs ‘Pretty Girl’.

This band really know how to put on a show with pyrotechnics, big screens and the stage layout. The stage was designed so that the band could get up close and personal with everyone. For the fans it makes them feel like they are up close to the band even though they are in the top floors of the O2 arena.

To the fans delight, the band performed their sing-off cover of ‘Shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran. Conor Maynard joined them on stage to replicate the video of the cover on YouTube and again the crowd sang along with the band and Conor.

Then it was time for each of the members to showcase their own singing talent. Tristan did a drum solo which has been very popular at every other show in this tour and in the previous tour ‘Middle of the Night tour’. James and Connor performed an acoustic version of ‘Risk it all’ which the fans got to vote for onTwitter the previous day. It show cased their amazing and raw vocals.

Their set was nicely finished with tracks ‘Same To You,’ taken from their most recent album and ‘All Night.’’

From the amazing stage set up and the incredible vocals and performances The Vamps ‘Night and Day’ tour is unmissable and unforgettable.

Sub-edited by Mollie Quirk

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