The Hundred’s Pay Gap Hit For Six

The Hundred, is a modern format with old fashioned measures as the highest paid woman will earn 88% less than the highest paid male.

This new format is ground-breaking in terms that it is one of the first formats to launch a male and female competition at the same time.

However, the pay gap is still staggering. The highest paid male will earn £125,000 yet the highest paid female will earn £15,000.

Clare Connor, the ECB’s managing director for women’s cricket said: “We’re all very committed to closing that gap. It doesn’t happen overnight.

“If we have a budget for the women’s game I think it would be neglectful to spend all that on salaries.”

Tom Harrison, the ECB’s chief executive officer added: “We’ve been granted 1.2m [by the government] to train 2000 women’s coaches.”

This comes as sponsorship for the Hundred will pay for 100 women’s changing rooms and 200 turf pitches around the country.

Sponsorship for the Hundred is another controversy. In the midst of a child obesity crisis, the format will be sponsored by crisps and popcorn snack brands.

Children are at the heart of the intentions for the new format though as the ECB want to bring in a new, young audience to the sport.

This comes as cricket saw 80,000 more children play cricket this year.

Participation soared in 2019. Two million more fans watched in the grounds in 2019, inevitably in part thanks to England hosting the Ashes, and winning the World Cup on home soil.

With this increased excitement, the ECB will spend 30% of its budget on grassroots causes over the next five years.

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