The Gravity Drive – The Wildlight Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Rock has been fuelled by great romances and marriage. But amongst them, The Gravity Drive manages to stand out.

A husband and wife duo, The Gravity Drive have been around since 2012 and have proceeded to make a string of fantastic indie rock gems. Their first album, Testament, played like an ode to the 80s, strung up with gorgeous vocal harmonies from both Ava and Elijah (the husband and wife duo) and stunning piano lines. But on this, their second major release, the pair enter new and bigger territories, especially seen on the title track, The Wildlight, which builds to a crashing conclusion, filled with prominent violins.

But this new album carries a lot more than just bigger songs. Ava and Elijah bounce off each other beautifully on some tracks on here, their vocal melodies all the more delicious this time around, and the soundscapes in songs such as Forever make for delightful and uplifting listens. The twinkly end could place some listeners in a state of total and complete relaxation.

What is Love?, placed at the albums midway point, uses a swelling horn section and piercing violins in a way that sounds like a James Bond theme. The intoxicatingly soft whispering that appears on the end of the track, asking “what is love?” only adds to the sense that this track is a perfect movie theme.

The duo also proceed to try a few other genres across the tracklist, including neo-jazz-soul fusions on “You are More Than You Think You Are” (with an unexpected rap section) to a soft, almost lullaby, on the track Kaleidoscope, which was described by Elijah as “rearranging your life, going back into yourself, finding out who you are, being authentic and boldly going forward with a new vision”, complete with M83-esque choral shouts and rising synths, pounding drums and bouncy, guitar lines, as well as a piano outro almost ripped straight off of “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”.

As for lyrics, the couple embrace a number of themes, such as the power of a strong relationship, questions of what love is and staying honest to oneself, despite hard times.

The Gravity Drive definitely carry something unique, and, despite being unsigned, have unbelievable potential. Take closer, Wake of the Dawn, which builds up like a Radiohead or Muse song to a gorgeous and fully realised conclusion. It makes for one of the most exciting and interesting releases from an unsigned artist for a long time.

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