What does YOUR future hold? East Sussex MPs have their say

Jamie Phillips asked local MPs across East Sussex about what the future holds for students graduating from the University of Brighton’s various campuses

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour, BrightonLloyd Russel-Moyle

Kemptown At the moment we see a country struggling and the economy flat-lining, so the general prospect is not positive, however, Brighton is bucking that trend with a thriving creative arts scene. You can also see how our hospitality industry is growing along with things like advertising and our media students being strong. While the picture in Britain is not great, and particularly with Brexit which will only harm us, Brighton will be more resilient. Brighton for students is prosperous area, it has fantastic nightlife, a fantastic support structure and community. If students want to get involved they will see a community with open arms embracing them. It is a place where they can roll their sleeves up and get involved in the community.

Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrats, EastbourneImage result for steven lloyd

Eastbourne is one of the fastest-growing seaside towns in the UK and is receiving a substantial private sector investment of £85m for our new town centre shopping development. Signs that many leading retailers recognise the town has a vibrant and prosperous future. This is reflected in the number of young families and professionals that are moving to Eastbourne. Added to this, with a well-established university campus in Meads boosting student numbers, Eastbourne’s image is being transformed. Rental prices are a lot lower than Brighton and the town has a significantly lower rate of crime. It is not surprising that more and more people are moving to our prosperous seaside town.



Peter Kyle, Labour, HoveImage result for peter kyle mp

Graduates who have invested in their education and worked hard to gain a degree should be rewarded with a decent job and the ability to get on in life. This has been the case for previous generations. However, over recent years this ladder of social mobility has been eroded, meaning young graduates across East Sussex are facing greater barriers to progressing in both the jobs and housing markets than the generations that preceded them. While young people are continuing to achieve and create amazing things, it is often despite the odds being increasingly stacked against them. This is why we are committed to building more homes and making higher education more accessible for students graduated around the Hove area.

Caroline Lucas, Green, Brighton PavilionImage result for caroline lucas

Students face an uncertain future. Brexit, climate breakdown, rising rent levels, high levels of debt, stagnating pay. The Green Party is campaigning for an end to fees, rent controls, more affordable housing, and as close a relationship with the EU as possible, as we believe the future doesn’t have to look like this. Students have the opportunity to change it – by using their voices and their votes to take action. Brighton and Hove is vibrant, large enough to be diverse and small enough to feel like home. Being a student is all about learning, exploring and finding out how to rise to challenges. Brighton and Hove has it all and will welcome you with open arms. It’s also unique in having the only Green MP in the country.

Amber Rudd, Conservative, Hastings and RyeFile:Official portrait of Amber Rudd.jpg

I firmly believe that the young people of Hastings have wonderful prospects. In recent years, we have seen businesses grow and an increase in job opportunities and employment across the country. Career prospects in Hastings are bright and we are making changes to the housing market to ensure that more homes are built and that our younger generation does not miss out on finding homes that they can afford. Across Hastings and Rye we are seeing the speed of housebuilding increase. I am excited for graduating students to see all of the fantastic job opportunities and housing prospects that Hastings has to offer. Hastings has a unique culture to enjoy and I am sure that graduates will greatly contribute to our community.


Maria Caulfield, Conservative, LewesImage result for maria caulfield

Prospects for graduates this year are bright. With record levels of employment, the ability to secure a well-paid job and entry into a career is better than ever before. As an apprenticeship ambassador, I am particularly pleased with the increase in graduate apprenticeships available in the Lewes constituency. These are proving to be very popular with both students and employers alike. The Government’s new industrial strategy hopes to embrace new technologies and the opportunities brought about by Brexit. This will help to create a vibrant and skilled job market across the country and it will need the support, knowledge and the experience of graduates to make it happen.


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