The Countdown to Eurovision 2019

The Eurovision Song Contest for 2019 will be held in Tel Aviv on the 18th May.

The final may be a while away but the deadline for each country to decide their participant is mid-March.

A few countries have announced their competitor including Tamta from Cyprus, Jonida Maliqi from Albania and Srbuk from Armenia.

Each country can decide whether to send their best talent or they could send a rising star to compete. The 42 participants will be take part in two semi-finals were the competitors will be reduced to 26 for the grand final.

The grand final will see the last 26 perform and then each participating country will give their vote for the best performance and country.

Last year’s winner Netta won with a score of 529 with the song ‘TOY’.  The performer included her trademark chicken dance, backing dancers and an electronic keyboard. The song broke records after the video reached 100 million views on YouTube.

It is hoped that the United Kingdom will choose a good enough participant that could result in big scores. One of the most memorable UK winners was Bucks Fizz with their song “Making Your Mind Up’’ with 136 points.

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