The Bright New Vogue

Changes in fashion are inevitable and new editor Edward Enninful is leading the magazine to new horizons.

In April last year, Edward Enninful was appointed as the new editor-in-chief of British Vogue. As the successor to Alexandra Shulman, Enninful had a lot to live up to, but having his previous experience within the fashion industry, fashion lovers and Vogue worshippers alike had the utmost confidence in him.

Enninful’s debut Vogue was December 2017. With Adwoa Aboah as the November cover star, already readers of the prestigious fashion magazine could detect a shift in the way in which Vogue was being run – diverse and different. Containing a whole host of amazing diversity advocates, December 2017’s issue of British Vogue celebrated Britain at its best in the feature ‘Love Letters to Britain’ a piece that looks at Britain’s best from the NHS to the BBC.

The celebrities who featured on the cover included the likes of Naomi Campbell, Sadiq Khan and Kate Moss, as does this issue of Vogue.

Enninful’s “Editor’s Letter” each month has been inspiring and his poignancy and honesty prominent. Each of his forewords begins with a statement that is both thought provoking and raw. Enninful and Shulman’s forewords are polar opposites.

Not only is the content hugely different, but the layout is crisper and clearer than when Shulman was running the show. The fashion features that flood the pages of Vogue are, again, moderately different.

The models much more diverse, and the clothing showcased is more ‘out there’ and experimental.

The prices of the garments are similar in both eras of Vogue, because after all, Vogue is the high end fashion magazine that graces our newstands.

Since Enninful has been heading up British Vogue, diversity throughout the magazine has increased considerably- and this is definitely something which is hoped to evolve and progress in the future.

Vogue has always looked at social issues, but since the shift from Shulman to Enninful, we’ve seen that more topics surrounding diversity and social acceptance have been sent to print. This shows that British Vogue now has an editor who moves with the times and listens to their audience.

Since embarking upon his Vogue journey, Enninful has definitely changed Vogue for the better.

Gone are the days where strictly only blonde, white, thin girls graced the pages of such an influential magazine.

Vogue is shining brighter than ever and will forever be the beacon of light shone upon the world of fashion, even more so now thanks to Enninful.


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