Stillborn charity appealing for help

Women who suffer stillborn deaths can be seven times as likely to suffer from PTSD, and twice as likely to suffer from depression.

These figures are the reason why local charity Oscar’s Wish foundation are desperate to raise awareness of the issue plaguing so many lives.

Oscar’s Wish Foundation was created in 2014 to provide comfort and support to families and friends who have experienced the devastating loss of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. And they believe more work needs to be done to help those suffering the consequences.

Gemma Kybert, founder of the charity, says: “Awareness needs to be raised to ensure parents do not suffer in silence but can grieve.

“The impact I faced after losing my son Oscar, was and still is, PTSD, OCD, and poor concentration. It can cause ongoing trauma if not recognised and supported early on.”

And the Hastings half-marathon provided the perfect opportunity for student Aaron Marshall to raise awareness for those suffering the effects of stillborn deaths.

The half-marathon took place on Sunday March 24, with more than 2,400 runners raising money for their respected charities. Aaron, aged 20, ran on behalf of Oscar’s Wish foundation, after losing his baby nephew Theo in April 2017 to a stillborn.

Aaron and thousands of others took to Hastings seafront to raise money for their respective charities

He says: “Obviously the loss of Theo is something the family deal with on a daily basis, but what better a way to honour him and all the other grieving mothers than by exercising in the sunshine.”

…And they couldn’t have asked for a better day

You can donate to Oscar’s Wish using this link:

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