Sky One’s ‘Revolution’ highlights growth of BMX and Skateboarding

Easter Sunday saw the launch of Sky One’s brand new programme, Revolution. People will have rarely seen a series like it, with BMX riders, skateboarders and inline skaters competing against each other on the most expensive indoor ramp set-up ever assembled in the UK.

The show epitomises the fun and thrills that sports such as BMX and skateboarding can offer, with the tricks and stunts produced on unique courses fully justifying the budget spent on the series.

Such a programme being produced indicates the growing popularity of the sports, and as activities that numerous people of all ages have developed a genuine interest in.

Stats from a survey that highlight an increase in children trying out such sports

 If one wishes to see this first-hand, then look no further than Hastings’ very own Source Park.

The building is located right in the heart of Hastings on the seafront, well, sort of. The site’s entrance is above ground, but below street level is the World’s largest underground skate park.  

What originally opened in 1876 as Victorian baths, over time became a swimming pool, cinema and ice rink, before help from multiple sources meant Source Park opened to the public on February 13th 2016.

A board inside Source Park’s entrance thanks those who helped it come to life

 The award-winning underground site is huge, featuring the main park equipped with viewing balcony, as well as the largest BMX/Skate shop in Europe and even a barbers.

Many competitions and events are held there, while people of all ages can go for sessions and lessons, something which Josh, Source Park employee, believes is one of its best selling points.

Places such as Source Park only bode well for the future of BMX and skateboarding.

*Photos taken by Lewis Tizard*

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