By Charlie Parker-Turner

Following recent annual Health and Safety and Fire Risk assessment reviews, East Sussex trampoline park, Sky High, does not believe that the recent incident at the RedKangaroo trampoline park will influence them into making any changes to their park and policies.

Sky High Trampoline Park director David Bright gave his assurance that the parks facilities are suitably regulated to provide visitors a “safe, clean and fun environment for the public to enjoy.”

Mr Bright stated: “Before we first opened our doors to the public, we had two fire engineers work on our park to ensure we could provide Lewes District Council and East Sussex Fire Service with the confidence that we are a safe facility”

“All materials that are introduced to the park arena have to be compliant with the relevant codes.”

Mr Bright said: “Trampolining can be dangerous as can football, hockey or swimming, even crossing the road, but with the correct environment, rules and monitoring it can be great fun and is”

“Health and Safety is paramount and a nature of this business.  We need to be safe and fun in that order.  I believe that we are.”

Sky High Trampoline Park is open daily and is the closest facility of its kind to the Eastbourne Campus, being situated in Peacehaven.

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Edited by Harry Trend

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