“Silva should apologise over Mendy tweet”

We took to the streets to ask the general public about the recent incident on Twitter in which Bernardo Silva made a joke about fellow teammate Benjamin Mendy. The picture was comparing a young Mendy to a mascot for a Portuguese chocolate brand. The tweet was posted for millions to see and provoked accusations of racism on social media. We asked the public in Eastbourne for their thoughts.

Should Bernardo Silva be punished for his ‘racist’ tweet?

Nigel Collins, 67, retired, said: “If they do that against each other on the regular basis it is different. We all make mistakes, but he shouldn’t have put it on social media.

“You have to be aware of anything you do as a public figure. You just have to make sure social media is managed correctly.

“I don’t think he should punished because his intentions were not to disrespectful but rather making a joke. But I do think he should apologise because it could ruin his reputation and Manchester City’s.”

Harvey Scott, 21, a barman, said: “I think as it’s between two friends it is just about the respect they have between one and other.

“I don’t think he should be punished but I think he should have gone about it another way, possibly privately messaging him or making a joke at the training ground between the team.”

Justin Attwood, 21, a third-year sport management student, said: “It wasn’t a great idea to post it on a popular social media platform. It can come across as a joke but should have been done privately.

“There is a fine line: it is dependent on the situation, the friendship and who it is being aimed at.

“I don’t think he should be so much punished in a sense, but warned of the possible backlash from the media with the current situation of racism in football.  It was a bit stupid.”

Eric Lanje, Brandon Spalding, Levi Sparks, Brad Rance and Jacob Masterson posed the questions.

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