Review: Anne-Marie @ Concorde 2, Brighton

Anne-Marie is a fast-growing singer-songwriter, and she has just finished touring the UK; playing in Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, London and many more but most importantly she came to Brighton on 29th November and performed at the Concorde 2.

Anne-Marie’s supporting act, Lao Ra, played on stage first at 8pm, I had never heard her music before but can definitely say I am a fan now, she sings a few of her songs in Spanish and a catchy one “Bang Boom”.

At 9:02pm Anne-Marie stepped on stage with her band and began the best performance I have ever seen. She performed songs “Rockabye”, “Alarm”, “Breathing Fire”, “Gentleman”, “Boy” and a few others. Her astounding performance was followed by a the explanation of the background story of each of her songs.

The song “Boy” is about a guy she fell head over heels in love with, but he turned out to be gay. The audience responded with ‘awws’ and laughs.

At the end of the performance, she sang her number one song “Rockabye” which of course, everyone loved and knew off by heart, the audience began to chant her name until she came back and performed “Peak” and then “Alarm”.

The best part of the night was meeting Anne-Marie in person. After she left the stage, a friend and I snuck backstage without being noticed and met her.

You’ll be glad to know she told me that her first album will be out in the new year!

About Anne-Marie

She is originally from Essex and has previously spent 2 years touring with Rudimental and finished her own USA tour a couple months ago. Her latest song is “Rockabye” with Clean Bandit and Sean Paul which has been number 1 in the charts for the past 4 weeks, she has also made it into the charts before with her songs, “Alarm”, “Do it Right” and Rudimental’s “Rumour Mill”.

Anne-Marie played at several festivals over the summer including, Bestival, Wildlife and V Festival. She is amazing live and we highly recommend going along to one of her live performances.

By Beth Armstrong

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