Report: Crolla loses to Linares in Manchester rematch

Anthony Crolla failed to regain the WBA lightweight title in a rematch against Venezuelan Jorge Linares in front of his hometown crowd in Manchester.

The Mancunian was out for revenge after he lost his title to Linares back in September 2016. Crolla knew that he would have to have the fight of his life to win it back.

The fight started as expected, Crolla throwing in hard, early punches but Linares easily scouted Crolla’s offence and returned some of his own punches. This seemed to be the theme of the first four rounds.

In the fifth round Linares started to land some heavy blows into Crolla’s body which took the wind out of him causing him to slow down, whereas Linares looked liked he was only just getting started.

In round six Crolla drew blood as he was caught by a Linares uppercut. At this point it seemed like his fight to lose as he continued to show his superiority over the hometown hero.

The fight came close to being over in the seventh round when an uppercut from Linares sent Crolla down to the canvas. With a sold out Manchester Arena behind him, Crolla managed to get back to his feet after the count of seven and showed immense courage as he continued to fight.

In round eight Linares started to show fatigue for the first time in the fight, Crolla seized this opportunity and started to hit Linares with some body shots and a stiff shot to the side of the face.

Crolla had his best round of the fight in round nine as he continued his pressure from the previous round, landing some big shots into Linares’ body.

Round 10 was more even than the previous two rounds as Linares continued to show why he’s in contention to fight rival lightweight Mikey Garcia, dodging Crolla’s attack with relative ease and even started to showboat, using the famous Ali shuffle.

The last two rounds saw Linares continue his dominance over Crolla and this was proven when Linares’ hand was raised by the referee at the end for his 42nd career win in what was a sparkling and classy performance.

By Adam Keiller

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