Ozil to miss another away fixture.

Yet again, Ozil has not been spotted with the travelling Arsenal squad that will face Manchester United tonight, as fans grow frustrated at Unai Emery.

Respected Arsenal Journalist Tim Stillman broke the news on twitter, as images revealed the German Playmaker’s absence from the squad.

Ozil is known to miss away premier league fixtures with his only appearance on the road this season coming against Watford, and the Arsenal faithful have attempted to conjure up excuses as to why this has been re-occurring.

Before the beginning of the season, Ozil and fellow teammate Kolasinac were victims of an attempted robbery and it was widely believed that this was the reason he was not being utilised due to fears of his safety.

However, as the season progresses fans believe that their number ten may once again not see eye-to-eye with Emery, as many rumours also suggest the same.

Emery’s decision to play him against Nottingham Forest in the Carabao Cup sent out a clear signal that he was match fit, yet not in his plans for the Premier League.

In a fixture that could make or break Emery, a decision as big as leaving Ozil out of the squad will be one that fans will not forget if they are on the recieving end of a loss tonight.

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