Outside-In Food Court: How an abandoned warehouse has become the latest dining experience

Independent cafes and restaurants have been popping up more and more these days, with people taking a leap of faith to start their own businesses.

And one woman has started up her own business to help other local entrepreneurs in Portsmouth.

The Outside-In Food Court in the heart of Portsmouth has been one of the latest places to go in the City, what was an abandoned warehouse is now home to nine local businesses including cafes, bars and restaurants.

Some of the handmade street and bar stands in Outside-In Food Court

In an interview with the owner April Gilbert, she said, “A lot of these businesses were doing street food markets and have never been able to take that jump up to take on the overheads of opening their own space. So we’re sort of mitigating the risk along side of them.”

She went on to explain how this business came together, which you can find out in the video below:

The food court has been open for four weeks now, with social media going crazy for this innovative idea that caters to everyone from students, tourists and families.

During the week, it is a chilled out food court with a lunchtime rush, but on the weekends it is packed out, with a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.

Every corner of Outside-In has something different that caters for all ages

What has made Outside-In so popular? Many people enjoy being able to support local and independent businesses. Here are just a few reasons why:

Outside-In proves how much people enjoy new dining and socialising experiences, with music and supper club events on the horizon for the business, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to go.

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