OPINION: Half-scarves, half-hearted

Callum Ferguson looks at the merchandise mayhem that is proving to be a pain in the neck for football fans around the country

For many people a football match is a matter of life and death. As the famous Bill Shankly said, it can often mean much more than that.

However, for some mutual fans to the game, it seems quite the opposite. This can formally be expressed by wearing a half-and-half scarf.

The concept of half-and-half scarves takes away from the competitiveness of the game and leaves both sets of fans left confused over which side the person is on.

Is the person an ally or an enemy? Who knows? Derby matches such as Manchester united against Liverpool rely on a fierce rivalry that with the emergence of 50/50 scarfs, is becoming ruined.

The only way to tackle this problem is to completely ban 50/50 scarfs with immediate effect. Regardless of the situation, 50/50 scarfs cannot continue.

The person looks ridiculously stupid to wear a 50/50 scarf. Anyone who is found wearing one should be banned from entering the match and forced to make up their mind on which teams’ scarf they want to wear. If this dramatic action is not taken, the reputation of football could be tarnished forever.

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