OPINION: Football’s VAR-cical situation

Football’s trial by TV through VAR (Video-assisted refereeing) has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons recently. Ethan Miles believes he has the answer

Fixed? Problematic? Unnecessary? VAR is proven to be problematic in leagues that it has been fully implemented into such as the German Bundesliga.

Amid match-fixing allegations in the favour of German club Schalke, Bundesliga fans raised an uproar to rid of the system. It was later discovered that the man behind the implementation of VAR in Germany had links to the club and was allegedly a Schalke fan.

Whilst such extreme scenarios are unlikely to be present in other competitions, there are still on-pitch negatives that can be extracted from the technology.

The match-day experience is a critical part of football for fans. Yet with the inclusion of VAR, atmosphere can be eradicated from a stadium with its timely delays, leaving fans confused and oblivious regarding on-pitch decisions.

It can also halt a team’s momentum on-pitch, resulting in a game-changing affect for the wrong reasons if a pause is called with no action taken.

I believe that football VAR should follow in the steps of tennis with the contesting system. Tennis players have three calls to contest a decision if they believe the umpire has incorrectly decided.  In relation, football managers should be able to have 2/3 contests against a referee’s decision per game where VAR is used, limiting the amount of frustration caused from fans and coaches as well as stoppages within a game of football

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