Open feelings about the closing university

The Hastings campus belonging to the University of Brighton is closing and we all know it but what are the staff and students that attend the establishment thinking about the whole situation?

James Ormerod who is a sociology lecturer at the campus said: “I think there’s no doubt that the campus has been a success for students. In particular, students in the local area.”


Priory Square building has been operating since 2012 and has taken just five years for the university to vacate the building.

Students who have attended this university will therefore see the university as a failed establishment and that they attended it.

Personal feelings about the university was something that wasn’t discussed with any consideration. Many meetings were put together after the decision had been made causing panic and uncertainty amongst students. But currently the news of the impending closure on the campus is still affecting students with their work.












Emma McGreivy, a third year student, said: “It affected my mind-set towards doing my particular studies. I think it’s a tremendous loss for the town and for me really. I have nothing to come back to.

It affected my thoughts on what my works going to look like in a couple of years’ time when the campus has been shut down. It doesn’t look too great.”

The Hastings campus is due to close in the summer of 2019 allowing all students currently at the university to finish the courses they started.

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