Ongoing Construction Causes Shopper Decline

Image credit: Google Street View

The staff at Langney shopping centre are complaining as building work is driving shoppers away.

The refurbishment of the Langney Shopping Centre started in September. The work will include an extension to the existing building and an extension to the car park.

According to businesses in the centre, there is no confirmed completion date, but they have been told that the work is set to last up to 48 weeks. 

As work continues many businesses who have units in the centre are feeling the strain. 

Age UK has a store in the centre which relies on volunteers to help run the shop. Many of their workers are not going to work due to the work. 

Lee Lynch, 30, manager of the Age UK shop said: ‘’Many people say to me, ’I’m not going to come in while the work is going on.’ 

‘’Many say they can come in earlier and leave earlier as well.’’

The work is having a negative effect on them because the Christmas period is a crucial time for a lot of businesses in the retail industry. 

Charlotte Carlin, 28, store manager of The Works said:  ‘’We have got to make the best of what we have got really at the moment. It will pay off eventually but for the meantime, we have got to hang in there.’’

Councillor Alan Shuttleworth added: ‘’The refurbishment of the Langney Shopping Centre is really good. Although it is disruptive at the  moment, with the loss of so many car parking spaces, when completed the additional shops will be very welcome.’’

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