On the Fringe: Overtime’s guide to Brighton Fringe 2018

The Brighton Fringe returns with a rich calendar of shows. What are the best acts that students should look out for?

Brighton Fringe arrives in town from May 4 to June 3 promising laughter and awe in the form of theatre, comedy and more. This year’s Fringe is going to be the biggest one yet with close to 4,000 performances across 150 venues. Although not as renowned as Edinburgh’s, Brighton Fringe certainly is bigger, yet still manages to provide a sense of intimacy, making attendees feel as if they’re in the know to a big secret. In a city as unique as Brighton it is only natural for the events to reflect their surroundings. It is no surprise the festival has such a broad, dynamic array of events such as the free Only in Brighton tour that combines the supposed links between ABBA and the Portuguese Revolution. Over half of the performers are local to Brighton, making location a key part of the shows. The Festival also encompasses the likes of free stand-up comedy in local pubs, targeted towards a student age group, as well as an arts and crafts session along Brighton beach.

If you happen to be interested in these events but are hanging too much to leave the house and need a bit of comedy to cure your head, they’ve even got the event for that. Humorously described as “the Deliveroo of Fringe Performance” by Fringe’s managing director Julian Caddy, it enables you to book a performer to do their performance piece in your own home – entertainment for those in halls? Check. Money is a common issue with most students but, fortunately, most of the events are free to attend while those at the pricier end of the spectrum average around £15 – probably cheaper than a typical night out. At the core of the long list of events is a sense of community and encouragement for the arts. With acts as diverse as the performances, there surely is something for everyone to be found in the Fringe.

The festival has a great range of variety as Hillary Rock-Archer, digital marketing coordinator, emphasises: “As an open access festival, anyone can take part by finding a venue and registering their event – so we get a huge range of events. This year we will host over 4,000 performances during May, including international seasons and events across 12 categories: comedy, cabaret & circus, dance & physical theatre, music, theatre, children & youth, tours, workshops, events & film, literature & spoken word, nightlife and visual arts.” Bursary schemes have been awarded to performers in order to help with costs of travel and marketing, to make sure everyone is able to take part – no matter their background. Something that makes you proud

to say “Only in Brighton”. Among the winners features Sass, Sex and Surrealness- a cabaret show by drag king scene’s bear cub Sammy Silver. Other winners include A Glass Half Empty – addressing female-related issues such as ageing, beauty standards and the biological ticking clock – and Rice T*ts – a weird 30-minute stand-up comedy show. Rock-Archer also discusses how the Fringe has a partnership with the university: “We work closely in partnership with the University of Brighton. They provide space for our Fringe Academy workshops.” One of these events is the Refugee Festival taking place at the university’s Pavilion Parade. It includes poetry, readings and discussions about refugeedom both in and out the UK.

Best of Free Events
Female Brewster beer festival
Venue: Marlborough Theatre
The event celebrates women in the brewing industry and will see the best music talent brought from the beer festival’s home town in Norwich and mixing it with Brighton girl bands.

Twat Out Of Hell
Venue: Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar
It features comedian Gary G Knightley, as seen on Channel 4, BBC3 and the West End, performing his debut solo show. Knightley explores what it is to be him: a brash, honest curmudgeon who hates everything but just wants to be adored.

The Brighton Beach Collective
Venue: The Fair Shop
The BB collective is an exhibition of designers and artists whose works are based around a beach and beach waste-theme. Among the pieces is one made from recycled fish nets.

Can You Put This In The Bin For Me?
Venue: Broadway Lounge
The comedy show returns to the Fringe after selling out in 2017. Charmaine Davies and Michael Mooney do an hour of straight talking comedy with each comic doing a half-hour set.

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