NFL True or False: Matt Ryan is the MVP

Each week we are going to look at some of the hottest topics in the NFL and decide whether a statement is true or false. This week it is the race for MVP, the Browns chances, the best receiver in the game and the Arizona Cardinals.

Through eight weeks, Matt Ryan is the MVP

Jacob Henderson – True, Matt Ryan has been immense for the Falcons in 2016 and the stats prove it. He has the most completions, passing yards and touchdowns in the NFL and is showing no sign of slowing down. The nickname Matty Ice is appropriate this season.

Jed Hope – True. Do I think he will win the MVP at the end of the season? No, I don’t. Brady, Elliot (Zeek) and Johnson are my shouts. But if the season ended now I think Ryan deserves it because he has thrown the most yards and TD’s this year and utilized all his potential weapons. That being said, it would still be a close call between him, Stafford, Zeek and Derek Carr. These have all been on fire this year.

Alex Mullany – True. Without Matt Ryan the Falcons would have a subpar offense and below average defence. There’s no reason to suggest that no one is more valuable to his team than Ryan. Despite playing in a poor division, the Falcons have made life difficult with their games ending in offensive shootouts. Keep it coming Matt.

Jonny Leighfield – True. ‘Matty Ice’ is looking hot in the first half of the regular season and has been doing what he wants on offense. You could make a case for Julio Jones but the QB normally gets the nod in terms of MVP so why not Matt Ryan.

Ryan Newman – True. Ryan leads the NFL for both passing yards and touchdowns. I don’t think there is much in it between Ryan and Derek Carr but I would go with Ryan because he is arguably more important to the Falcons than Carr is to the Raiders. My outside choice would be the Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott. Although only a rookie, he leads the NFL with 799 rushing yards and is on course to smash the rookie rushing record.



The Cleveland Browns will go 0-16

Alex – True: Every week I keep saying the Browns will win. They do come close, but ultimately do not win. I’d like to think they would win one, but the games I thought they’d win have come and gone with no victory. Last chance at a victory comes against the New York Giants at home, and that’s a very brave prediction.

Jonny – False. Big claim I know. Even though it looks like the Browns don’t have a realistic chance of winning any of their remaining games, sport is never that simple. I feel like they’ll shock a team in the coming weeks and one of their 6 QB’s will stand up and make themselves a hero.

Jed –  True. Although I think it is near impossible for a team to finish a season winless, the Browns may do it here. It’s happened 4 times in the past. Most recently, the Lions in 2008. The browns have the worst defense in the league and to be honest, their offense is not much better. It is hard to see them progressing much further. They may squeeze out one win against the Ravens, but I think it is very unlikely. The Browns look as though they are going to get the number 1 draft pick with a clean sweep.

Ryan – TRUE – By the end of the season, the Lions will no longer be the only team to go 0-16 for the season. The browns have lost games in all kinds of ways and most importantly now look a team resigned to their fate. I think their final opportunity of a win will come at the Ravens who will likely have lost five on the bounce by the time the sides meet.

Jacob – True: Their best chances of wins were home to the Ravens in week two and home to the Jets in week eight – both have come and gone with nothing to show for it. A bold prediction would be a home win in week 12 against the Giants but I think it’s a stretch too far.



Antonio Brown is the best receiver in the game


Ryan – FALSE – A genuine claim can be made for any one of four; Brown, Jones, Green and Beckham Jr. I would personally go with A.J. Green. I feel like with a better quarterback throwing to him Green would consistently put up better figures than the others.

Jonny – False. AJ Green is. Yours sincerely, Bengals fan, Jonny.

Alex – False: I think AJ Green and Julio Jones would disagree with that notion. Personally, I have Jones as the best receiver in the game. Despite being on an average team, the Ryan to Jones connection is lethal for opposing teams and fantasy football players alike. Biggest difference is Brown not having Ben Roethlisberger throwing passes to him due to injury.

Jacob – True: Antonio Brown proves that if you’re good enough, size doesn’t matter. There is no one more reliable among wide receivers and even with Landry Jones under center you can trust Brown. Julio Jones and AJ Green aren’t far behind and Mike Evans isn’t half showing his talent this season too. Brown’s start to the season has hardly been electric to his standards but I expect him to be elite for the rest of it.

Jed – False. If I was asked this last season I would have said true but the NFL is always compared on seasonal performances. Brown has suffered from Big Ben’s injury but he has definitely not been the best WR this year. In my opinion Jones is the best in the game at the moment. In 8 weeks, he has racked up 859 yards from 43 receptions. Brown, however, is sitting on 592 yards from 48 receptions.


Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals


The Cardinals will make the playoffs

Jonny – False. They’ve got some extremely tough fixtures left and looking across their roster, I don’t think they’ve got enough to make up for an average start.

Alex – False: Away games at Atlanta, Minnesota and Seattle will ultimately condemn them to missing the playoffs. I think Carson Palmer’s age has caught up to him and it is hindering the team massively. On a nicer note, Larry Fitzgerald is doing well as age doesn’t seem to be affecting him at all. Some teams can comeback and make the playoffs, but the Cardinals slow start will cost them a playoff berth.

Jacob – True: I think they’ll manage five more wins after their bye this week and that could be enough. With David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald playing well the Cardinals have a right to believe. The tie at home to the Seahawks in week seven could prove crucial though.

Jed – False. This could all come down to their match with the Seahawks in week 15, to determine the NFC West champions. However, looking at their schedule before that match and considering Palmer has been nowhere near the level he was at last year, I think they will struggle. Additionally, because the quality in the NFC is so high this year, the Cardinals have made the second half of the season an uphill battle for themselves. Their only hope is that Johnson continues to run riot and Palmer can start utilizing all his WR’s.

Ryan – False. I think they will come close but ultimately miss out and look back upon missed opportunities early in the season (Consecutive losses against the Bills and then the Rams). They would need to win six of their remaining eight fixtures which seems highly unlikely as they still have to play three division leaders away from home.

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