NFL Season Preview 2020

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts signed veteran quarterback Philip Rivers to a one year deal, which can only mean one thing; they’re going all out this year. Arguably the best offensive line in football along with a vast array of weapons mean Rivers will have one of the best surrounding casts he’s had in over a decade. The defence is no joke either, with Justin Houston, Deforest Buckner and Darrius Leonard all in the front seven. This season for the Colts all comes down to whether Rivers can stave off father time, and if he can, this coaching staff and roster could go far in 2020

Star Player: Quentin Nelson, Guard

Key Addition: Philip Rivers, Quarterback

Record: 10-6. Rivers’ play will continue to go downhill, but he will still be effective enough to lead the Colts to the postseason in a fairly weak AFC South

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