NFL draft one-handed prospect

Shaquem Griffin has been highlighted in the weeks leading up to the 2018 NFL draft, not only for his stellar results at the combine, but also for the fact that the linebacker only has one hand.

Griffin was born with amniotic band syndrome which affected his left hand, preventing his fingers from fully developing. Shaquem’s twin brother Shaquill, who currently plays in the NFL as a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, does not suffer from the syndrome.

Griffin’s hand was amputated at the age of four after his mother caught him trying to self-amputate his hand due to the immense pain.

The 6ft 1in University of Central Florida player did not let amputation limit his involvement in sport and he continued to play many sports along with American Football.

Although Griffin impressed throughout college, the player caught everyone’s attention due to his 40-metre dash time of 4.38 seconds, the fastest time ever recorded by a linebacker.

This feat is even more impressive considering that Griffin’s time is quicker than the average for any position, let alone for a linebacker, which has a position average speed of 4.77 seconds.

The 2018 NFL draft runs from April 26-28 (20:00 ET).

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