New Hope Club release debut album- REVIEW

British pop trio New Hope Club release self-titled debut album 

First formed in 2015, Blake Richardson, George Smith and Reece Bibby released their first studio album on Valentines Day this year. 

The band gained recognition from The Vamps and in December of 2015 they signed New Hope Club to their record label, Steady Records, a subsidiary of Virgin EMI Records. They also joined The Vamps on three of their UK and European tours in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Since then the trio has released two EPs. Welcome to the Club pt1 was released in May 2017 and part two was released the following year.  

Now after five years New Hope Club have released their first studio album including tracks from previous EPs and unreleased songs. 

Track Listings

  • Love Again
  • Let Me Down Slow ft R3HAB
  • Know Me Too Well
  • Permission
  • Fixed
  • Medicine
  • Give Me Time
  • Serious
  • Crazy
  • Let Me Down Slow
  • You And I
  • Why Oh Why
  • Karma

The album overall has a great mixture of old and new songs for their fans to enjoy. Some songs that are on the album have been heard by fans before. ‘Let Me Down Slow’ and ‘Why Oh Why’ were heard live before the studio version was released through this album. 

There are two versions of ‘Let Me Down Slow’. The first features R3HAB, a Dutch-Moroccan DJ and producer. It is a catchy song and it will probably make you want to jump around the room singing along. This song was a firm fan favourite when they performed it as part of their setlist for their first world tour last year.  The second version is like an acoustic version. it is much slower than the remix version, but two versions of the same song work really well on this album because they sound completely different.

There is a great range of music from the slower songs to the upbeat tracks. One song that does stand out from others is ‘Why Oh Why’. This track was performed as a live version first as part of their setlist for supporting The Vamps on their Four Corners Tour in 2019. It has a memorable chorus and it will get you chanting along after the first verse. 

In all the album is a very good listen and could be a very successful album for the group. They have already had a few big years but 2020 could be their biggest yet! 

New Hope Club kick off their UK tour in April. Tickets available here

New Hope Club debut album out now!

Featured Image by New Hope Club (Facebook) under Creative Commons Licence

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