New Eastbourne club NME aims to become first choice for students

By Ella Thompson and Harriet Dunlop

Set on the sunshine coast in the picturesque landscape of the Sussex downs, Eastbourne has more of a reputation as heaven’s waiting room than its crazy night life, but this sedate seaside resort is also a bustling student town and like all student towns, it has its fair share of clubs – namely Cameo, Embassy and the recently opened NME.

Cameo is the busiest of the three. Boasting two floors, student nights, regular themed nights, it is a thriving club which lots of students opt for on their nights out. Embassy follows in close pursuit, for a luxury experience, you will often find many of the socials here on a Wednesday. Although the drink prices are higher, it is usually a bustling club and many people enjoy a night out at Embassy.

Now though, there’s new club in town. NME has opened on the site of the recently closed TJs. We caught up with the new manager Tristan Wells to discuss plans for the nightclub.

“TJs needed a complete remodel, we just wanted a club where everyone can have fun, and we have completely opened up the dance floor.

“We are doing lots of deals on drinks, keeping prices fairly low and very competitive.

“We want to do a lot more interactive events and see what works for students and the socials. We are open to suggestions on what people want to see happening in NME.”

Where there was once a crowded and dated dance floor, NME has had a complete upgrade almost unrecognisable of what was once there. With free entry before 11 on most nights and unmissable deals like £1.50 Jager Bombs, £1 Sourz shots and £2 VKS on Wednesdays, NME is really looking like a strong competitor on the Eastbourne Student Party scene. So, get down there and enjoy your next student night, with music for everyone we’re sure you won’t regret it.

Despite Eastbourne’s initial appearance, it is obvious there is a lot of opportunities for an enjoyable night out here.

NME after its quarter of a million pound referbishment.

Sub-edited by Natacha Andueza and Maisie Thompson

Image reproduced with permission of NME Nightclub, Eastbourne

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