National Kindness Day – have you considered a random act of kindness?

By Mollie Quirk

Being kind to everybody you come across in life isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world. We don’t always see eye-to-eye with everyone, nor is every single person on this earth our ‘cup of tea’ – but none of the above should prevent us from being kind.

A single good deed can make someone’s day one thousand times better, so why not be that person and put a smile on someone’s face this week? As we approach National Kindness Day (November 13th 2017), here at Overtime we’re looking back on good deeds we’ve all done and good deeds that you can do today.

Mollie reflects on the time she and her mum invited a homeless man into their home at Christmas time. “It was two days after Christmas, the weather was extremely cold and my mum and I headed to our local shop at around 6pm in the evening.

“We saw a homeless man outside our house as we arrived home, he was asking people for food. My mum and I decided to invite him in out of the cold for a hot drink and some dinner with us and my nan.

“It was risky, of course it was – we didn’t know him from Adam, but it made his day. At the end of the good deed we packed him a bag full of food, leftovers and water.

“Our hearts broke as we said goodbye to him, but he had the biggest smile on his face, his belly was full and we knew that we had made someone’s Christmas a million times better.”

Lucy reflects on the time she gave her seat up on public transport to an elderly man struggling to stand on the packed carriage of the London Underground. She said: “It really made his day,

“He was so frail and nobody else would give their seat up for him. He smiled at me sweetly, so I rose from my seat and told him to sit and have a rest.

“You could really tell that it meant the world to him.”

Good deeds come in all shapes and sizes, from buying food for the homeless person sitting outside a shop, fixing your friend’s bike when it’s broken or buying a loved one a replica of something they’d lost. Even a compliment to a stranger can go a long way – “Your hair looks nice today”, “I love your coat” or even just a simple smile can make somebody’s day.

National Kindess Day falls on November 13th 2017 – what will you be doing to spread kindess this November? #NationalKindnessDay


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