Mother’s unite against climate change

Sunday 12 May, Extinction Rebellion marched for international Mother’s Day from Hyde Park to Westminster. They demanded that the Government take immediate action to make their lives fully sustainable through green policies and incentives.   

2,500 people were led by eleven 11-year-olds to represent the 11-year window we have to act on climate change according to the world’s leading climate scientists in a landmark UN report last October.

Extinction rebellion are a group of climate change activists who have grown to an international status within six months.

They are self-described as “an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.”

Scientists have given us 12 years to reduce our effects on climate change before irreversible damage to the planet is caused. This is why Extinction Rebellion exist.

The group first assembled on 31 October 2018 when 1,500 people met in Parliament Square in London to announce a declaration of rebellion against the UK Government.

Extinction Rebellion received national and international attention from an assembly a few weeks later when six thousand people peacefully blocked five major bridges across the Thames.

Their campaign has captured the attention of a growing number of high profile names such as actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio who shared Extinction Rebellions actions to his Instagram 31 million followers.

So far it is known the group have factions in countries ranging from Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Japan, Ghana, India and the Solomon Islands.

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