More Than Just A Game

The multi-billion dollar industry is more than just the surface level games like FIFA and Call Of Duty. It has variety like you never thought, able to fit and mold to anyones preferences.

With the continued expansion of gaming, industry giants Nintendo have parted the seas yet again with their new release: Mario Odyssey. The long awaited Wolfenstein hit shelves with its much anticipated sequel and one of the staple franchises in console gaming released Assassin’s Creed Origins. Not only was this madness released in the same year but on the same day.

The most unique and attractive part of video games is freedom. With sports you have to stick to schedules, the World Cup is only on every 4 years. If you want to play it you have to organise with some friends beforehand, if no one’s free, good luck playing football. Then we get to games. Even if it’s multiplayer you get plopped right into the action. No wait times required. Add that to the hectic release schedule it means you’ll always have something new to play.

There is a competitive scene, nothing you have to wait 4 years for though. The UK has just been kicked out of the Overwatch world cup by Sweden. We were also beaten out of the DOTA championships, so if you’re here hoping for an English team that actually wins, you’re in the wrong place.

Most notably, the League of Legends World Championship has come to a conclusion. The title was snatched by Samsung Galaxy from last year’s winners SK Telecom T1. The two Korean teams had been favourites from the start, however, this did not mean the road was an easy one.

The industry has been on the rise for years now so it should no longer be a surprise when we find out that the tournament is raking in more views than the Ashes and many other mainstream sports tournaments. The UK plays a big role in the industry’s success at all levels.

The UK has the 6th largest gaming market in the world at the moment and are responsible for some of the top games on ever platform. Monument Valley – a critically acclaimed beast of a mobile game, and Grand Theft Auto V – The most successful game of all time, were both produced in the UK.


That being the case, UK has got some busy conventions you can go to where big companies compete to enthral the customers with their latest creation. Sometimes a masterpiece is expected, like The Witcher 3 from CD Projekt Red. Other times it comes out of nowhere, like Shadow of the Colossus or Silent Hill for the horror lovers – you weirdos.

At a basic level, the best way to experience the industry at its best is to just play a game. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your mobile, on your computer or on a gaming console. The experience will either change, or concrete your views that gaming is diverse, creative, and most importantly, wildly fun.

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