Brighton players say Broadfield Stadium has increased their following and that the Crawley Town ground is starting to feel like home.

Brighton and Hove Albion’s Women’s team play their home matches at Broadfield Stadium in Crawley, which to some may seem a bit far fetched. However, I spoke to players Beth Roe, Felicity Gibbons and Ini Umotong who believe that this distance has not stopped their fan base from growing but has in fact created the opposite effect:  

Interview with
Beth Roe, Felicity Gibbons and Ini Umotong

Brighton were promoted last season to the WSL (the highest league of women’s football in England). They previously played their games at Lancing’s ground, Culver road. However, with the rise of fans and spectators along with the promotion into the WSL, Brighton have moved to Broadfield and will remain there next season. The ground is primarily known for being Crawley Town’s home ground.

Inside Broadfield Stadium

On Brighton’s website there is an easy option to click on instructions on how to get to Crawley with an interactive map and options for by bus, car or train. The club also offer free travel to matchday ticket holders when booked in advance. 

Beth talks to me about the commitment of fans and how this has impacted the rise of the women’s game

With the rise of women’s game as a whole and the success of the club, it really does show how far Brighton ladies have come and with their game against Arsenal at the Amex Stadium reaching a record of 6,000 people it does not seem like it will be long till the ladies team move up the ranks and even perhaps into the Amex.

Amex Stadium

Featured image Broadfield Stadium – taken by Jess Watkins

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