McKamey Manor: The most extreme horror maze in the world

Picture yourself walking through a pitch black warehouse, full of small rooms, loud noises and scare actors making you jump in any way that they can. This thrilling style of entertainment has grown so much over the years and today there is almost too much choice for horror fans.

A horror maze generally lasts from half an hour to an hour, but for some hardcore fans that is not enough and they are left wanting more. This is where horror experiences come into play, a situation where you get to live your own horror fantasy. There are some incredibly terrifying experiences which you can take part in, but there is a particular one which exists that nobody has ever been able to complete.

McKamey Manor is known as being the most extreme haunt experience in the world.  The haunt takes place in the United States and it was founded by San Diego resident, Russ McKamey. What makes McKamey Manor stand out, is it that the total length of time you have to endure to complete it is an insane six hours, which as previously stated, nobody has ever been able to endure.

McKamey Manor was not just an overnight hit, as McKamey explains: “It’s been around for years, it’s all part of being a person who likes cinema and theatre.” Horror has been a huge part of his life. “When I was a little kid, I was building sets and acting. It’s my passion. I’m retired now so everything I do is revolved around the shows and making sure that everything is done. Over the years, I have put into this haunt financially over $1 million, easily. It’s a very expensive hobby.”

Furthermore, the cost for each show he puts on varies too: “Every time we run a show, it’s going to cost me anywhere between $300-$500. The show doesn’t just happen in one location, it takes place on several different locations in Tennessee and Alabama on people’s lands so I have to basically pay them to let me use their property.”

McKamey Manor is looked upon as being the ultimate challenge for any major horror fan, and Russ cannot see anyone ever beating it. “I’m very well versed in hypnosis, mind control,” he explains. “When you come here, you’re only dealing with one person, me.  And I’m able to get inside your head, and if I get inside your head, I can make you believe whatever I want.”

He describes a strong example of using this unique ability he possesses. “I can put you inside a little kids’ pool and tell you there is a great white shark in there, and you’re going to think there’s a shark in there with you. So it’s impossible to win when you’ve got somebody doing that to your brain.”

Russ puts on one show a week, and the experience itself is completely free; all he asks for is a donation of food which goes towards homeless people or dogs. But the waiting list for this extraordinary experience is over 20,000.

“It really is an art to be able to do put on this gigantic play and be able to get inside people’s minds,” states McKamey. Horror experiences are continuing to grow, try one yourself, if you’re up for the challenge.

If you fancy challenging yourself to some unique horror experiences, there are plenty to choose from in the UK.

Thorpe Park presents its annual Fright Night events during the Halloween season. The theme park goes from being a place to have fun, to turning into a night full of terror and despair. Each year the park puts on many unique mazes and challenges, which continue to entertain the guests. Adam Dedman from Bexhill went to one of the events last year and described what his experience was like: “‘I really enjoyed the foreboding of the unknown and how the mazes do make you have to think whilst you are trying to escape.”

Ad Dedman: Feeling victorious after doing a Fright Night event

In Hastings there is an escape room experience called Abducted Live. This immersive activity puts you into your worst nightmare as you’re abducted and placed in a dungeon.  The end goal to this game is to find a way to escape, but you have limited time to complete the challenge.

Kirk Ellis from Hastings tried the challenge back in September.  “I found it very challenging and scary,” he said. “It made me realise how much you rely on each other in scary situations, as you had to work together to be able to escape the room.” The experience lasts for one hour, or if you fancy a harder challenge, there is an extreme edition which last for ninety minutes, but you may be joined by some unwanted guests…

Alternatively, if you enjoy the aspects and myths that surround horror, you could try a ghost walk. In Brighton there is the famous Ghost Walks of the Lanes, where you get to visit eight haunted sites across Brighton Old Town. The experience allows you to visit areas where countless accounts of paranormal activity have been said to have taken place.

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