Magnificent Motors 2018: the highlights

Hundreds of cars and motorcycles were on display at the Magnificent Motors show in Eastbourne last weekend. The show, aided by a sun-kissed day on the coast, catered for all in attendance, regardless of their taste in cars. Jamie Edkins runs through Sunday’s highlights. 

Auto Upgrades tuned R35 GTR. Picture by Jamie Edkins
The thing that strikes you most about this show, other than the sheer number of vehicles, is the diversity. From Aston Martins to Austin Maestros and everything in between this show had it all. One of the vehicles that caught my eye, or rather my ear, was this 2009 Nissan GTR. This car has been turned around by Auto Upgrades Eastbourne after it was neglected by its previous owner, but it was safe to say it’s
not sounding neglected now. With an uprated exhaust, engine clean and a tune this car is performing better than new.
Blast from the past, 1973 Triumph GT6. Picture by Jamie Edkins
If the GTR does not appeal to you, maybe this 1973 Triumph GT6 will. This is a car that caught my eye because my father owned one when he was around my age, so it was a good opportunity to see how cars have come on in the last 40 years.
First thing to note is that this car is small, very small. Anyone upwards of six-foot will struggle to squeeze in and, once you are in, you will not find much in the way of equipment. Air bags, power steering and central locking are all things you will find absent in here. The owner told me that this is a car you really have to drive, and I do not doubt that for a second.
Top down fun Mazda MX-5. Picture by Jamie Edkins
With the beautiful weather we had on the day, it only made sense to have a look at some open-top sports cars. This is the time of the year soft-top cars shoot up in price as everyone wants a taste of open-top motoring and one of the most popular drop tops on sale is the Mazda MX-5 and it is easy to see why when you consider what this car has to offer.
Driving thrills, the wind in your hair and you can pick up a decent one for as little as £1500. The owner, Jason Davies, told me the main appeal of these cars is the drive as “it’s one of the only cars you can get in and feel like you’re driving a proper sports car.”
The MX-5 is known for being excellent to drive from the factory but there is still a big modifying scene for these cars. Jason’s car (pictured above) has been fitted with coil-over suspension all around, a modified exhaust and a turbo to name just a few upgrades. The result of this is around 200 horsepower and an MX-5 that sounds fantastic. I am a big fan of these cars and I was straight onto Auto Trader when I got home to see if I could bag one for the summer.
Big turn out for car clubs. Picture by Jamie Edkins
Aside from the cars, the show offered live music, great food and entertainment for children – meaning a great atmosphere as people from all over Eastbourne soaked up the sun. It was also good to see all these cars are being used and driven rather than being locked in a garage under a heated cloth because, at the end of the day, these cars are meant to be driven and shared with people.
All the owners are very welcoming and are happy to tell you about their cars. All day I could see children getting in behind the wheel and feeling the excitement that I did when I was that age. This is what car culture is all about for me. Everyone is welcome regardless of what you own or how much it costs, and you really do feel part of a tight knit community. I will say I am very much looking forward to seeing what this show has in store in years to come.

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