“Losing a club like Bury would be like losing your wife”

Neil Paterson, 61, an accountant from East Kilbride, said:

‘Yes I do think they should help.’

‘They can help them both financially and in the media: every club should try and support each other as the current climate in football is very money driven’

‘It has to be formal agreement I feel, a one off. If that were the case then every club in a similar situation would rely on the big clubs.

‘Every town loves their club and if you are a true football fan you should be saddened by what happened.’

Kledian Hysaj, 19, a first-year Sports Studies student from Albania, said:

‘No, Premier League clubs shouldn’t help, as clubs like Bury got themselves into that situation so they should get themselves out of it.

‘If Premier League clubs help lower league teams, there’s potential for the big clubs to gain more fans and ruin grass roots football.

‘Lower league clubs could end up relying on Premier League clubs’ financial support which could ruin football.

‘Every club is in competition with each other so why should they help each other?’

Maxwell Partridge, 75, retired, from Eastbourne, said:

‘Yes, Premier league teams should have helped.

‘It would have helped them stay in the league and keep the community around the club alive’

The players were on too much money however, even if they donated money their wages were still ridiculous. I’ve seen how much players are on per week now and it upsets me. It’s slowly causing inflation, meaning more clubs could end up like Bury.

‘I lost my wife a couple months ago and I feel that is comparable to how it feels to lose your club.’

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