King Ed & His Castle On The Hill

In love with the shape of Ed: The place and the people that made Britain’s favourite ginger megastar.

You’d be forgiven for never hearing a thing about Framlingham, a small town in east Suffolk. It wouldn’t be totally shocking to not know of the slow and sleepy county in the east of England at all.

However, to avoid hearing a certain ginger, quadruple Grammy winner sing about driving at 90 and a certain castle and hill, you must be living under an extremely large rock.

Framlingham is the hometown of three-time Brit award winner Ed Sheeran. Located in East Anglia, the town is the inspiration for some of his most famous songs including ‘Castle on the Hill’, based on the Framlingham Castle.











Small Town Boy: Framlingham’s Market Square, where an aspiring red-headed singer songwriter would busk. 

It was at Thomas Mills High School where Ed’s talent started shining. He gained his first roll playing Roger in a rendition of the classic ‘Grease’, masterminded by Richard Hanley, Ed’s former music teacher. According to Hanley, Ed certainly had some small bumps on the way.

Ed’s former music teacher Mr Richard Hanley

Never forgetting his roots, he still returns home and is welcomed by the locals, who simply and endearingly refer to him as “Ed”. The sheer Sheeran love is evident whether it’s a picture on the wall in the local Station pub, or his music memorabilia dotted all around the town.

Where it all began: The Thomas Mills High School music room where a young, mischievous Ed would often be thinking out loud. 

Going from busking outside an old fashioned sweet shop in the Tractor Boy towen of Ipswich (that’s how they pronounce town there) to headlining Glastonbury. Surely such fame and fortune would’ve got to his head? However, Ed’s former teacher Lynda Hibberd and former classmate Jo Crisp reiterate how Ed the megastar is still just “Ed from school.”

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