Katrin’s Horoscope: What should you be studying?

By Katrin Johannessen

Disclaimer: This article is written by an amateur astrologer. It is meant to be taken with a grain of salt. If you are currently studying something different than this article says, it does not mean that you should immediately drop out and apply for whatever this article recommends (looking at you Aries, you impulsive little ram)

Aries: Mar 20-Apr 20

Sport Coaching BSc (Hons), Location: Eastbourne

You are a bundle of energy. As a child you were likely not only involved in sport but the best at what you did. You have a major competitive streak. As a fire sign you are also a natural born leader. What better way to combine these qualities than through Sport Coaching?

Taurus: Apr 20 – May 21

Interior Architecture BA (Hons), Location Brighton: Moulsecoomb

People might call you lazy, but in reality you just love being at home. As the first earth sign in the zodiac you are the sign of the material world. You are very focused on aesthetics. With Interior Architecture you can combine your talent and creativity with your love of everything cosy and homely.

Gemini: May 21 – Jun 21

Journalism BA (Hons), Location: Eastbourne

You are the sign of communication. Mundane tasks are not for you. You prefer to use your versatility in a career where no day is the same. As an air sign you are very intelligent and quick minded. The fast paced work schedule and environment in media is perfect for you.

Cancer: Jun 21 – Jul 23

Early Childhood Practice BA (Hons), Location: Brighton: Falmer

As a cancer you are ruled by the moon. The moon is traditionally associated with the feminine and even the maternal. As the mother of the zodiac, you are suited perfectly to work with young children. This career allows you to make use of your empathetic nature related to the water signs.

Leo: Jul 23 – Aug 23

Business Management with Economics BSc(Hons), Location: Brighton: Moulsecoomb

You might be the second fire sign (after Aries) but you are never behind anyone in terms of flashiness. You love being the centre of attention but you also have the ambition and smarts to back it up. A degree in Business Management could work as a stepping stone to a managerial position, which would be a great match to your fiery nature.

Virgo: Aug 23 – Sep 23

Veterinary Nursing foundation degree (partner college), Location: Plumpton College

One of the main traits of Virgos is your analytical nature. Born under the element of earth you are also a lover of nature and animals in particular. As a veterinarian nurse the Virgo’s instinctive flair for animals will definitely come in handy.

Libra: Sep 23 – Oct 23

Law LLB(Hons), Location: Brighton: Moulsecoomb

Oh sweet Libra. Represented by the scales, you value fairness and equality. You are not one to make up your mind without considering all factors. You have a natural ability to see everything from both sides. Studying law would serve as good preparation to a career as a judge.

Scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 22

Criminology BA(Hons), Location: Brighton: Falmer

The mysterious and sometimes feared Scorpio is drawn to the taboo subjects. You are anything but shallow and career wise you are motivated by making a difference and diving into a subject deeply. Criminology offers an opportunity to study a rather dark subject which at the same time can make a real difference in your community.

Sagittarius: Nov 22 – Dec 22

International Tourism Management BA(Hons), Location: Eastbourne

Reading the headline you are probably already imagining all the countries where you could potentially move. As a Sagittarius you are a fan of travelling and experiencing new cultures. Belonging to the element of fire gives you a knack for leadership. International Tourism Management suits both your interests and capabilities.

Capricorn: Dec 22 – Jan 20

Politics BA (Hons), Location: Brighton: Falmer

You are not as flashy as the Leo, but deep down you are just as (if not more) ambitious. The way to the top within politics may be long and arduous but you have the patience and motivation for it. You are cautious and wise so a long career without any major controversy should be within your reach.

Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Ecology BSc (Hons), Location: Brighton: Moulsecoomb

In the zodiac you are known as the revolutionary. Just as the other Air signs, you are usually considered to be intelligent. People might think of you as emotionally detached, but in reality you are very concerned with your community and the wellbeing of others. Arguably there is no better way to help humanity than to ensure the future survival of earth and in turn humanity itself.

Pisces: Feb 18 – Mar 20

Applied Psychology BSc (Hons), Location: Brighton: Falmer

Sensitive Pisces, you are intuitive and tuned in to the emotions of the people around you. This gives you a great advantage in understanding your clients. As the last sign of the zodiac you take on traits from all of the other signs, meaning you can understand and work with anyone. You are compassionate and helping others might be a very fulfilling career for you.

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