Is the future of the Jack in the Green festival in doubt?

With the 2018 Jack in the Green festival well in the past, one question remains. Is the future of the event in doubt after this year’s instalment?

With traditions dating back to the early days of English folk music and Morris dancing, the idea of the festival is to celebrate the end of the rains and cold and welcome the sun.

However, over the years it seems like that tradition has been lost and replaced by drink related issues. 2018’s edition of the local festival was blighted with numerous incidents. Nearly 5000 motorcycles drove into or through Hastings on the day, creating chaos on the roads and pavements, as well as filling the town with the noise of roaring engines.

One thing was highly noticeable on the streets. Litter. No matter where you went in the town, an abundance of litter was bound to pop up. Bins were overflowing and bottles and cans were found discarded along the sea front.

A new record of emergency services called to a Jack in the Green festival was set. Reports of multiple person clashes throughout the town as well as bin fires and an alleged stabbing, which stretched out local authorities.

Despite the reports, bar owners in Hastings Old town were convinced that the day was the most successful occasion of recent memory and that they had not heard of any incidents during the day, adding that they would improve the festival by having more space for people.


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