How has VAR in the Premier League been received so far?

VAR has been a big talking point throughout the summer of 2019 as it announced its inclusion in 19/20 Premier League season. Prior to the season, there was a lot of mixed opinions on its inclusion from managers, players and fans. 

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish notably said: “I’m very worried about VAR. I think we are going down an extremely dangerous road.” However other Premier League managers had a more positive view with Eddie Howe saying: “I’m not against progress and change and a way of making the game better.” 

The purpose of VAR is only to intervene in the course of a match when the official has made a ‘clear and obvious error’ in one of the four key areas. So far into the Premier League season, I believe that this definition has been true as VAR hasn’t intervened in areas that it shouldn’t have. 

However many people would agree that VAR has not been as effective as we all anticipated. A recurring theme that seems to be plaguing teams is major decisions in games not being overturned by VAR. 

Controversial decision after controversial decision has left fans, managers and players are up in the air on whether or not VAR is actually helping the league as it should. Even people like Jamie Carragher, who was very pro VAR, have started to change their minds after seeing the effect it has had on games ‘”I’m actually at the stage where I don’t want VAR” 

VAR is clearly here to stay for this current season but if the same discrepancies keep flaring up I could see there being a real shout for the exclusion of VAR.

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