How hard is it for graduates to get a job after finishing university?

With the university year almost over, students in their final year have almost certainly started looking for jobs in their area of expertise, but how easy is this?

From rejections, to not even getting a response, at some point in most people’s life, there will be a job you want but unfortunately don’t get. For new graduates this can be a regular occurrence.

So why is this? Annie-Mae Ashton, a psychology graduate believes that graduates struggle to get jobs because of the competitive nature of some jobs as well as their lack of work experience.

She said: “I think it’s difficult when trying to find a job after university that is related to your degree because it is quite competitive out there for professionals.”

She continued: “I think that unless you have had a placement year or a placement unit at uni its quite hard to get relevant jobs and I myself have been turned down from jobs for not having the right experience, although I have the academic qualification”

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