How do you fund University?

For University students, money is a constant issue.

Student Finance alone usually doesn’t cover student expenses, with rent being the most significant money-eater along with the issue of filling the cupboards and the never-ending nights out fund, just how do students fund their endeavours? Third year students seem to have finances figured out while the first years are still working out the pittfalls, with the second years left somewhere in the middle.

Mig Bodenstein and Kieran McGinley took to the streets of Hastings to gauge how well, and through what source, were the University of Brighton students coping with financial struggles.

Lisa Lynch, 23, 3rd Year:
For rent, that all comes out of my student finance, and there is definitely not enough left over after rent to buy food as well, so I have a job to cover most of my expenses.
Most of my work income goes on to food and I actually don’t receive money from my parents, actually I send money to my mum as she is sick and cannot work and she can barely cover her rent.

Dean McConnell, 23, 3rd Year:
I pretty much only rely on student finance for my expenses. About three quarters of my student finance goes towards rent and the rest I spend on food.
If I need extra I receive care packages from my mum, with food and if I need extra money she’ll transfer me some.
Mostly I survive by being really careful and really frugal with my money, I’d rather spend £3 at Poundland and get loads of food than spend £3 on a meal deal at Tesco Express.

Abbie Jones, 18, 1st Year:
All my money comes from student finance and I did actually run out of money pretty fast which meant I had to ask my parents for more money, and also consider getting a job.
I am worried that it might interfere with my studies and free time as I do study Film which I find really time consuming but I don’t really have a choice since I found out that student finance really doesn’t cover all my expenses.

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